What are the primary risks that are addressed by the PRGX Construction Services program?

  • Hidden or unintended profit in
  • Labor Rates
  • Insurance Rates
  • Equipment Rates
  • Carrying Costs (Interest and Equity)
  • Unallowable or duplicated costs
  • Home office overhead
  • Warranty and re-work
  • Duplication of scope
  • Unapproved markups
  • Miscalculations
  • Unreconciled project costs
  • Unrealized savings
  • Fee miscalculations
  • Balance forward issues
  • Tax and property tax errors and miscalculations
  • Unresolved accruals and estimates
  • As our Construction Services program evolves with your clients we provide period reviews of our findings to show trends and provide training on how to identify project overcharges and risk

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