What are the stages in a recovery audit?

The PRGX Recovery Audit process involves six steps:

  1. Pre-audit planning: This is a kick-off meeting to confirm audit goals, scope and key performance indicators and discuss data acquisition.
  2. Data acquisition: In this phase, we’ll establish protocol and sFTP for secure data transfer and obtain remote, read-only access to relevant systems.
  3. Discovery and plan development: PRGX will meet with key leadership and contacts to gain insight and understanding regarding funds negotiated, sensitive suppliers and more.
  4. Audit execution: Our audit team will execute data reviews, validate potential claims and identify root causes, document proof and enter into the claims management system.
  5. Validation and recovery: At this time, our team will share sample claims and review with you, present claims to your suppliers, and recover funds.
  6. Reporting: You’ll receive ongoing feedback with regular updates to monitor audit progress plus 24/7 web-based insights.

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