PRGX Unveils Supplier Connect: Reshaping Supplier Engagement with a Transformative, AI-Powered Platform

PRGX Unveils Supplier Connect: Reshaping Supplier Engagement with a Transformative, AI-Powered Platform

PRGX, the leader in global data management and the pioneer of Recovery Audit, is proud to launch Supplier Connect™ – a transformative, AI-powered platform designed to redefine Accounts Payable engagement with suppliers by facilitating greater collaboration and delivering exceptional efficiency in invoice inquiry and dispute management.

PRGX is thrilled to introduce Supplier Connect. Retailers can now avoid unnecessary repayments that could be costing them millions, boost supplier relationships, and reach resolutions 3X faster. Learn more at

Retailers today grapple with an overwhelming and increasing volume of supplier inquiries and disputes, straining their resources and relationships with suppliers. Supplier Connect transforms manual processes into streamlined, AI-driven workflows that resolve supplier inquiries and disputes more quickly and accurately, thereby strengthening supplier relationships.

“Supplier Connect represents a monumental leap forward in simplifying the supplier inquiry and dispute resolution process. By reducing dispute resolution time by up to 55% and unnecessary repayments by up to 40%, we are setting a new standard for operational efficiency in the industry,” said James Sly, PRGX President and Chief Operations Officer. “This platform stands out in its ability to unearth and tackle the underlying issues behind payment inquiries and disputes, resulting in improved cooperation between businesses and suppliers.”

“Our AI-powered automation is a game-changer. It handles routine queries and conducts complex data analyses, freeing up our clients to focus on strategic business areas. This is how we offer less stress and more savings,” according to Patrick Kelly, Chief Data Intelligence Officer at PRGX. Kelly adds that, “Supplier Connect is engineered to deliver seamless self-service, with a centralized portal for managing inquiries and disputes, enhancing transparency, and providing a single source of truth for all parties involved.”

Emphasizing a Legacy of Innovation

Michael Lustig, CEO of PRGX, commented on the new platform’s role in the company’s history of industry leadership, “Supplier Connect is the latest leap in our longstanding commitment to driving value through innovation. It is a testament to our five-decade legacy of transforming how businesses engage with their data and their suppliers. As part of PRGX’s expanding portfolio of client and supplier solutions, Supplier Connect is the result of truly listening to the challenges and pain points of the marketplace.”

As PRGX continues to lead in innovation within the source-to-pay (S2P) profit recovery and data intelligence domain, Supplier Connect represents the company’s ongoing commitment to providing sophisticated, value-driven solutions. Discover PRGX Supplier Connect and experience the future of supplier engagement and dispute resolution at

About PRGX

For five decades, PRGX has revolutionized data intelligence, recovery audit and contract management, establishing itself as the authoritative figure in source-to-pay analytics and margin expansion. With operations across over 30 countries, PRGX’s tech-enabled recovery services and data intelligence solutions generate for our clients an excess of $2 billion in annual cash flow, enhancing the financial well-being and operational strength of businesses around the globe.

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