Recovery audit is a necessary and invaluable way to recover overpayments, duplicate payments, missing credits and other value due to your organization. To find these hidden gems, a wealth of data ranging from orders and invoices to payments and supplier contracts are collected and analyzed by PRGX. As a result, our focus on the innovation of technology driven data analytics, allows us to provide valuable data assets, transformed into a fast, intuitive and insightful web platform, back to the customer.


This webinar will:

– Explore the concept of ‘Day 1 Analytics’ – a unique combination of spend, contract and claim analytics at the vendor level.
– Explain how our customers not only gain value from the initial recovery audit process, but how the data generates secondary value when it’s ingested, normalized, categorized and analyzed by PRGX’s proprietary Verigon technology platform.


To watch this webinar:

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