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Efficient processes, clear communication, healthier supplier relationships

PRGX Supplier Connect™ is vendor relationship management software that streamlines and simplifies the deduction dispute process, saving money, improving outcomes and nurturing stronger connections between buyers and suppliers.

PRGX Supplier Connect™ is vendor relationship management software that streamlines and simplifies the deduction dispute process, saving money, improving outcomes and nurturing stronger connections between buyers and suppliers.

​​Move from value loss to value gain

Deduction disputes are time-consuming and cost more than they’re worth. Suppliers often receive reduced payments with little explanation, while buyers are forced to retroactively piece together supporting evidence — every broken process like this is an opportunity to increase efficiency.

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Vendor relationship management software providing whole business health benefits

Connected processes, centralized information

A single portal for suppliers and buyers consolidates supporting documentation and centralizes inquiries into a single tool for custom workflow routing, streamlining processes and providing greater visibility.

Reduced costs, higher margins

Predictable, uniform and scalable processes allow buyers and suppliers to self-serve their research of supporting evidence, freeing significant resources, reducing incoming disputes and operational costs, and saving money on avoidable repayments.

Stronger supplier relationships

By reducing the frequency of disputes we can reduce vendor abrasion and strengthen relationships, in turn unlocking opportunities to increase supply chain resilience and preserve negotiating leverage.

What is Supplier Connect

Resolving deduction disputes and payment inquiries can be a complex and resource-intensive process. Sara Clark, VP of Global Client Services, explains how our solutions benefit clients and suppliers.

Best-in-class vendor relationship management software solution

PRGX provides a hassle-free, self-service Deduction Management portal aimed at minimizing the impact on your bottom line, while helping you to maintain and improve supplier relationships through greater visibility and clarity.

Best in class vendor

Improve deduction dispute efficiency & outcomes with vendor relationship management software

Protect profits

Keep the millions of dollars in unnecessary repayments that are made in an effort to minimize internal costs.

Strengthen vendor relationships

Nurture stronger supplier connections and reduce disputes that can lead to supply chain interruptions, lost negotiation leverage, credit holds, and more.

Protect profits

Resource allocation

With Deduction Management, significant staff and management resources are not required — from both companies and suppliers — to support resolutions, so they can be used where it matters the most.

Data & systems alignment

Reduce complexity by increasing visibility through improved access to all supporting documents and the streamlining of multiple data sources.

Resource management

Upgrade processes

Our solution facilitates payments, reduces disputes and helps prevent errors.

Improve cash flow

By avoiding delays caused by disputes, clients and suppliers are in a better position with healthier working capital.

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Our hassle-free, self-service Deduction Management portal helps streamline the deduction dispute process to nurture supplier relationships, improve outcomes and save money.

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Key features

Supplier inquiry & dispute capability

Buyers can configure a predictable, uniform and scalable process for suppliers to research supporting detail for potential payment disputes or deductions prior to initiating a question, comment or dispute. Our cloud-based solution enables consistent treatment of all suppliers around the globe and gives buyers a single point of control and visibility, reducing overall effort required to manage the resolution processes.


Payment & deduction remittance visibility

On a micro or a macro level, suppliers can view history and buyer payment behaviors to identify trends and outliers across buyers, categories, regions or other variables. Armed with this data, suppliers can easily identify buyers who are outside of payment compliance and address any process breakdowns.

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Integrated detail backup support

Buyers submit all necessary and appropriate support for deductions when payment is remitted. The backup is inextricably connected to the payment, providing suppliers with the information they need to evaluate the deduction. If more backup is required, it’s submitted in the same ticket, again connecting it to the original deduction.

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Configurable user permission & workflow

All inbound supplier queries can be routed to specified parties throughout the buying organization to ensure speedy resolution. Inbound queries are tracked at the point of input and throughout the resolution process against a complex set of attributes. This drives a robust reporting suite and delivers in-depth root cause analysis to help prevent improper deduction and unnecessary repayments back to suppliers.

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Why work with PRGX?

Experts at managing relationships, risk and recovery

We’ve worked with the world’s largest suppliers and know the value of good relationships. Our vendor-sensitive delivery approach means we work transparently with suppliers to identify improvements in deduction processes, smooth out disputes and recover revenue, whilst taking care of the relationship.

Advanced technology, preventive processes

Our proprietary technology minimizes disruption to your business and its revenue, by maximizing the use of data to prevent deduction disputes and drive profit recovery. Overall, we’ll unlock incremental value from the information within your ecosystem to expand your impact across the whole business.

An industry leader, for 50 years and counting

An industry leader with a track record spanning 50 years, we’ll deliver actionable insights other providers might miss. The resulting recommendations will enable your organization to reap the immediate benefits of recovered profits and the long-term health benefits of stronger processes.

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