Helping to Invest in Innovation

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex and competitive, with significant financial resources required to fund R&D and getting new drugs to market, not to mention the cost of complying with intense scientific and regulatory oversight. PRGX can help identify financial resources within operations to help you invest in the race to get new drugs into the hands of patients who desperately need them.

Services to Uncover Hidden Resources & Profits

Whether looking for resources to fund R&D or reducing leakage inherent in CRO relationships, PRGX delivers services like traditional Accounts Payable Recovery Audit and Contract Compliance to help identify sources of profit leakage and recover lost profits.

Business Challenges for Pharmaceutical Companies

Critical R&D

Getting to market rapidly and safely with a new drugs is the lifeblood of your business. R&D is a complex, costly and constant necessity that requires a steady stream of working capital.

CRO Management

CRO relationships are frequently fraught with financial leakage, limiting your ability to make critical investments in your business. Identifying and sealing those profit leaks and managing contract compliance is mission critical.

New Drug Launches

Approval of a new drug is just the beginning. From packaging and advertising to sales force deployment, getting to market with a compelling patient story requires significant capital.

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How PRGX Helps

Cash Chain Optimization

PRGX’s fact-based approach combines data with our deep industry benchmarking and analytical capabilities to provide visibility into current payment terms across suppliers, categories and business units. We’ll uncover optimization opportunities in three key areas:

  • Days Payable Outstanding
    Ensure a long and standard payable cycle while meeting on-time expectations
  • Days Sales Outstanding
    Fulfill orders and achieve payments in the quickest possible manner
  • Days Inventory Outstanding
    Manage inventory to meet demand while minimizing holding and transfer costs

Recovery Audit

Built to recover overpayments, we’ll help analyze more than 300 potential points of leakage including merchandising, accounts payable and contract compliance.

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Advisory Services

Armed with the right facts and statistics, we regularly help our clients drive inefficiency out of their Source-to-Pay cycle and uncover hidden profits. We also deliver non-software-based services such as Item-Level Cost Harmonization.

  • Source-to-Pay Assessments & Strategy  
  • M&A Services
  • Cash Chain Optimization
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Supplier Information Management

Organize and manage comprehensive supplier information while maximizing supplier engagement and data quality across a global supplier base to minimize risk and increase efficiency.

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Contract Compliance Audit

We can help reduce contractual risks and maximize supplier performance, focusing on the suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks. You’ll get maximized returns, reduced risk and insights that improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.  

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Capex & Construction
  • Channel
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Prepayment Review
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