High Technology, Telecommunications & Media

Keep Up with the Pace of Change

If there’s one constant factor the telecommunications, media and high technology industries share, it’s change. Staying ahead of the competition requires continuous investment in innovation and new solutions. At PRGX, we help make sure you have the resources needed to invest in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape.

Managing Financial & Supplier Resources while Improving Operational Efficiency & Freeing Up Cash

The ability to remain competitive is severely limited when process inefficiency and financial waste get in the way of Capex, expansion, upgrades and other necessary investments. You must be agile. PRGX can help bring visibility and efficiency to Source-to-Pay processes and help better manage and negotiate with suppliers, freeing up working capital.

Business Challenges for High Technology, Telecommunication and Media Companies

Staying Ahead

Today’s big idea can be old news tomorrow. The pressure to get to market with innovative products and services is intense and requires constant investment in product development.

Critical Capex

Whether you are looking to expand your geographic footprint, your carrying power or your service offering, significant capex is almost always required.

Managing Suppliers

When you’re sourcing tons of components from almost as many suppliers, you need to stay on top of supplier information, terms, contracts and communications to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should.

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How PRGX Helps

Cash Chain Optimization

PRGX’s fact-based approach combines data with our deep industry benchmarking and analytical capabilities to provide visibility into current payment terms across suppliers, categories and business units. We’ll uncover optimization opportunities in three key areas:

Days Payable Outstanding
Ensure a long and standard payable cycle while meeting on-time expectations

Days Sales Outstanding
Fulfill orders and achieve payments in the quickest possible manner

Days Inventory Outstanding
Manage inventory to meet demand while minimizing holding and transfer costs

Recovery Audit

Built to recover overpayments, we’ll help analyze more than 300 potential points of leakage including merchandising, accounts payable and contract compliance.

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Advisory Services

Armed with the right facts and statistics, we regularly help our clients drive inefficiency out of their Source-to-Pay cycle and uncover hidden profits. We also deliver non-software-based services such as Item-Level Cost Harmonization.

  • Source-to-Pay Assessments & Strategy  
  • M&A Services
  • Cash Chain Optimization
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Supplier Information Management

Organize and manage comprehensive supplier information while maximizing supplier engagement and data quality across a global supplier base to minimize risk and increase efficiency.

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Contract Compliance Audit

We can help reduce contractual risks and maximize supplier performance, focusing on the suppliers and contracts that present the greatest risks. You’ll get maximized returns, reduced risk and insights that improve supplier contract management and controls moving forward.

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Capex & Construction
  • Channel
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Prepayment Review
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