Contract Audit: The Power of Prevention

Contract Audit: The Power of Prevention

Jon Daniells, VP Audit Operations | Sara Clark, Director Product Development

Apr 1 2020 | 51 mins

Traditionally, supplier contract audits have principally focused on finding past billings errors and working to recover those overbillings. However, as organizations gain a more sophisticated appreciation for the deep intelligence gained through contract audits, they are now demanding new strategies that are designed to locate errors sooner and prevent the same mistakes from being repeated. Historical recoveries, while still a desired outcome where they exist, are seen as a byproduct of the central objective, fixing problems that return even more significant value through recurring future cost savings.

In this webinar, PRGX contract audit experts Jon Daniells and Sara Clark will recommend strategies for enhancing the value of your organization’s supplier audit program, while outlining the steps to help you recover lost profits sooner. Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Pathway to prevention: Learn the broad spectrum of where overpayment problems originate and how best to identify and fix the root causes
  • Supercharging your results: How evolving the maturity of your contract audit program will exponentially expand value to your company
  • From reactive to proactive: Key steps to building a program which identifies issues quicker, leading to immediate and sustained cost savings

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