Creating a Roadmap to Working Capital Acceleration within S2P

Creating a Roadmap to Working Capital Acceleration within S2P

John Heighway, PRGX | Vijay Parekh, PRGX | Bal Mattu, PRGX

Aug 27 2020 | 29 mins

It’s no secret one of the primary goals in today’s business landscape is to maximise working capital and obtain cash on hand. By implementing a self-funding audit program businesses can leverage data, often resulting in risk mitigation and cost reduction bringing value back to their bottom line. However, common challenges continue to persist in both finance and procurement functions including misaligned objectives, budget limitations and difficulties with cross-departmental buy-in.

This webinar outlines the roadmap to working capital acceleration using synergies across the source-to-pay cycle, exploring the fastest path to value for businesses given the current economic climate while also providing recommendations for mid-term cost savings planning.

Attendees will be introduced to an approach to maximise ROI by using the PRGX three pillar approach:

  1. Recovery audit and root cause analysis
  2. Payment terms and days payables outstanding (DPO) optimisation
  3. Contract compliance recovery and prevention.

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