The Overlooked Benefit of Recovery Audit

The Overlooked Benefit of Recovery Audit

Richard Jackson, Audit Director, PRGX / Nick Williams, Director of Operations, UK Retail, PRGX

Sep 3 2020 | 33 mins

The obvious benefit of any recovery audit is it yields significant cash to a company’s bottom line, but there is valuable information that can sometimes be overlooked which could yield a greater return on investment.

In this webinar, PRGX experts delve into how a recovery audit can add value through the root cause analysis to help retailers understand why profit is leaked, how best to utilize this information and ensure its true power is unlocked within your organization.

Attendees will learn more about the types of recommendations they should expect to see in a recovery audit analysis report and come away from the webinar with more understanding of how the root cause analysis can be used to avoid future leakage at source by driving a retailer from reactive to a preventive organization.

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