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Margin Insight

PRGX Margin Insight provides quick access to data-led insights across sales, costs, funding, and margin to improve their category – to inform negotiation strategies and reveal hidden margin growth opportunities. Margin Insight delivers a singular global view of all relevant data for full visibility of true net cost.

Working Capital: Three Strategies to Free Up Cash & Manage Suppliers

Supplier Connect

PRGX Supplier Connect™ streamlines and simplifies the deduction dispute process, saving money, improving outcomes and nurturing stronger connections between buyers and suppliers.

IOFM Webinar: Contract Compliance Auditing--Moving From Reactive To Proactive

Most audits look to recover cash months and even years after a business has made the payment. However, implementing a proactive auditing strategy can have several benefits which includes preventing overpayments from going out the door.

This webinar will provide recommendations for how to move from a reactive to a proactive auditing strategy, examples of specific types of audits that will be best in this strategy and the additional benefits that can be gained by having data readily available for auditing purposes.

PRGX Payment Analytics: Working Capital Optimization

PRGX Payment Analytics empowers you to identify, repair and prevent working capital leakage. On top of that, the insights found allow PRGX to prepare fact-based playbooks to assist in negotiations and strategies.

Spend & Payments Analytics Overview

By leveraging PRGX's decades of experience, Spend & Payments Analytics detects potential duplicate invoices before they impact your bottom line, and helps you optimize working capital opportunities.

Contract Compliance: A Health Check For Your Business

What Is Contract Compliance?

What Is Retail Merchandise Recovery Audit?

What Is Deduction Management?

What Is Panoptic?

What Is Epiphany?

The Power of PRGX and the Verigon Solution Suite

PRGX Solutions: Advanced Analytics

PRGX helps clients unlock value in their S2P data with Lumen Advanced Analytics. Get actionable insights with merchandise, contract, spend & payment, and M&A analytics.

Putting S2P Analytics At The Heart Of Business Health

PRGX is the global leader in source-to-pay data analytics solutions and software. We provide the business intelligence to unlock incremental value from data and expand your impact across the organization for healthier whole businesses.

PRGXchange 2022 Highlights

What is Accounts Payable Recovery Audit?

Margin Insight Introduction

PRGX Margin Insight™ unifies data to provide the granular detail required to allow category managers to expand your profit and margin through better decisions and stronger data.

PRGXchange UK 2023

Latam Retail Show

Webinar: Key Strategies for Transforming Supplier Relationships

Your relationship with suppliers is built on on-going communications to order, receive, promote and pay for goods and services. Inevitably, throughout the process, errors occur that lead to friction. However, best-in-class organizations are putting tools and processes in place to minimize abrasion and strengthen partnerships with their vendor community. This webinar will identify common points of friction and discuss key areas of focus to minimize supplier abrasion and ultimately improve the relationship.