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Job Description  


Job Title: Analyst II


Date: 2021


Division/Department: Recovery Audit




Reports to: Management


Service Line: Recovery Audit – Non-Commissioned

Band: 3 – Professional

Zone: NA









Type of position:

☒ Full-time ☒Temporary

☒Part-time ☐Other


FLSA Status: Hours________ / week

☐Exempt ☒Not applicable





  • Conducts audits using client data to identify errors and recover revenue 

  • Finds, supports, and documents audit and claims operations 

  • Produces claims  

  • Updates claims management system 

  • Bills claims to client  

  • Reviews contracts, agreements, paperwork and electronic documents  

  • Inspects and evaluates client financial information  

  • Provides vendors with claim back-up information 

  • Packages claims for vendor and/or client 

  • Conducts buyer, contract and document pulls as required 

  • Provides support for audit team. 

  • Actively contacts vendors as part of the claim production process  

  • Independently produces written correspondences to vendor inquiries. 

  • Analyses and assesses problems regarding client’s claims procedure and business operations based on appropriate audit concepts. 

  • Produces number and dollar volume of claims goals as defined by team leader and/or management. 

  • Adheres to the overall timing and deadline of an audit cycle. 



  • Minimum of 2 years of professional business experience.  

  • Professional audit experience is preferred. 




Domain/Industry Knowledge & Focus 

  • Demonstrated ability to review multiple project types or vendor complexity levels with limited support or claim review before sent to vendors or clients 


Data Analysis 

  • Demonstrates proficiency in all tools used and is a resource for less experienced staff 


Problem identification & Resolution 

  • Creatively develops new ideas and solutions through acquired audit knowledge 

  • Identifies solutions to complex problems, seeking support as needed 


Claim Production & Quality 

  • Regularly achieves production levels of claim value or counts in the top 75% of team members producing claims  

  • Performs entry-level audit tasks with little supervision 

  • Identifies ways to improve audit process and procedures related to own tasks 

  • Finds ways to perform tasks more efficiently 

  • Demonstrates ability to serve as knowledge resource on some claim concepts to lower-level staff and India teams 


Client & Supplier Management 

  • Continues to show strong skills in organizing and retaining information received and is able to identify how answers to limited questions may relate to broader concepts 

  • Handles correspondence across multiple concepts, accurately interpreting the main issue in vendor/client correspondence and addressing it professionally, in a clear, thorough and concise manner 





Maintains a Client Focus 

  • Delivers on commitments to clients 

  • Understands clients stated needs and requirements 

  • Communicates with vendors in professional and timely manner 

  • Meets clients’ needs 

  • Maintains positive relationships with clients and vendors 



Communicates with Impact 

  • Communicates in clear and concise manner 

  • Values and listens to others 

  • Adapts communication to different audiences 

  • Shares information in a timely manner  



Displays Emotional Intelligence 

  • Remains calm and composed with day-to-day challenges 

  • Maintains focus when under pressure 

  • Recovers from setbacks typical to role 

  • Adapts to changes and shifting requirements, and maintains openness to new approaches 

  • Aware of own emotions and reactions 

  • Builds positive and trusting relationships with colleagues 

  • Sees the positive in people, situations and events 


Organizes & Prioritizes 

  • Organizes info to complete daily work 

  • Plans and performs work in systematic way 

  • Seeks guidance with competing demands & priorities 

  • Manages tasks effectively to deliver work on time 

  • Shifts priorities as directed by others 


Takes Initiative 

  • Takes responsibility for own performance – work done on time and to quality 

  • Performs routine tasks without being prompted 

  • Anticipates problems might encounter in daily tasks 

  • Accepts responsibility for and corrects mistakes 

  • Seeks out additional work; offers to help others 



Drives for Results 

  • Tenacious in overcoming routine challenges, seeks support 

  • Completes tasks in timely manner 

  • Strives to meet goals and objectives 

  • Maintains energy and focus 

  • Maintains self-motivation and determination to meet deadlines and expected outcomes 



  • Employee Assistance Programme 

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