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Job Description

Job Title: Analyst III

Date: 2021

Division/Department: Recovery Audit


Reports to: Management

Service Line: Recovery Audit – Non-Commissioned

Band: 3 – Professional

Zone: NA





Type of position:

☒ Full-time ☒Temporary

☒Part-time ☐Other

FLSA Status: Hours________ / week

☐Exempt ☒Not applicable





  • Conducts audits using client data to identify errors and recover revenue
  • Finds, supports, and documents audit and claims operations
  • Produces claims
  • Updates claims management system
  • Bills claims to client
  • Reviews contracts, agreements, paperwork and electronic documents
  • Inspects and evaluates client financial information
  • Provides vendors with claim back-up information
  • Packages claims for vendor and/or client
  • Conducts buyer, contract and document pulls as required
  • Provides support for audit team.
  • Actively contacts vendors as part of the claim production process
  • Independently produces written correspondences to vendor inquiries.
  • Analyzes and assesses problems regarding client’s claims procedure and business operations based on appropriate audit concepts.
  • Produces number and dollar volume of claims goals as defined by team leader and/or management.
  • Adheres to the overall timing and deadline of an audit cycle.



·       Minimum of 2 years of professional business experience.

·       Professional audit experience is preferred.




Domain/Industry Knowledge & Focus

  • Basic awareness of broader industry
  • Demonstrated ability to review all project concepts and vendor complexity levels independently and capable of producing claims that do not require QC review before being sent to vendors or clients


Data Analysis

  • Looks for innovative ways to analyze data in order to identify new audit opportunities
  • Identifies subtle trends in their data and recognize their immediate impact for the client and the business
  • Highly proficient in the use of all tools and also capable of testing new tools or tool enhancements and offering meaningful feedback on issues found that can assist IT staff in troubleshooting and correction efforts
  • Makes realistic and productive suggestions for future tool enhancements to further optimize processes and save time


Problem identification & Resolution

  • Analyzes and assesses problems with client’s claim procedures



Claim Production & Quality

  • Regularly achieves production levels of claim value or counts in the top 10% of team members producing claims or maintains above average production levels while taking on significant additional responsibilities
  • Performs entry-level audit tasks without supervision
  • Provides independent support to India teams, and able to train new hires on review concepts and tools
  • Approaches training others in an organized way and communicates concepts clearly and effectively


Client & Supplier Management

  • Communicates across multiple levels of client or vendor organizations in clear and concise way, and drives the resolution of claims (recovery)
  • Establishes confidence with senior staff should that communication assigned will be handled with the highest level of professionalism, and that decisions made in claim resolution process are sound and best serve group objectives





Maintains a Client Focus

  • Delivers on commitments to clients
  • Understands clients stated needs and requirements
  • Communicates with vendors in professional and timely manner
  • Meets clients’ needs
  • Maintains positive relationships with clients and vendors



Communicates with Impact

  • Communicates in clear and concise manner
  • Values and listens to others
  • Adapts communication to different audiences
  • Shares information in a timely manner



Displays Emotional Intelligence

  • Remains calm and composed with day-to-day challenges
  • Maintains focus when under pressure
  • Recovers from setbacks typical to role
  • Adapts to changes and shifting requirements, and maintains openness to new approaches
  • Aware of own emotions and reactions
  • Builds positive and trusting relationships with colleagues
  • Sees the positive in people, situations and events




Organizes & Prioritizes

  • Organizes info to complete daily work
  • Plans and performs work in systematic way
  • Seeks guidance with competing demands & priorities
  • Manages tasks effectively to deliver work on time
  • Shifts priorities as directed by others


Takes Initiative

  • Takes responsibility for own performance – work done on time and to quality
  • Performs routine tasks without being prompted
  • Anticipates problems might encounter in daily tasks
  • Accepts responsibility for and corrects mistakes
  • Seeks out additional work; offers to help others



Drives for Results

  • Tenacious in overcoming routine challenges, seeks support
  • Completes tasks in timely manner
  • Strives to meet goals and objectives
  • Maintains energy and focus
  • Maintains self-motivation and determination to meet deadlines and expected outcomes



  • Employee Assistance Programme

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