The Hidden Benefits of Profit Recovery

The Hidden Benefits of Profit Recovery

Pete Battista, VP Business Development, PRGX / Zach Braford, Dr Product Management, PRGX

May 12 2020 | 36 mins

How to Yield Cash, Recover Profits and Boost Your Bottom Line.

In organization’s today, senior finance executives face an ongoing and considerable task – root out the cause of financial leakage and bring value back to their organization’s bottom line. A proven way to deliver this value is through implementing an Accounts Payable Recovery Audit program. An essential tool for profit recovery and to increase working capital, audits not only yield cash they provide insights and analysis to avoid future issues and leakage before they occur. In addition to being a business best practice, some of the key benefits realized through an audit are ongoing process improvements, organizational team alignment and cash recoveries. Important to note for finance leaders and accounts payable managers alike – leaks will occur regardless of the organization’s size, complexity or those with even the most formalized processes.

In this webinar, PRGX field and product experts Pete Battista and Zach Braford discuss why Accounts Payables Recovery Audits are vital to boost your bottom line, ways to overcome common challenges, the optimal time to audit and key steps for organization’s to take when implementing an audit strategy to achieve continued success.

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