ATLANTA, August 28, 2020 – PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRGX), a global leader in recovery audit and spend analytics services, announced two new e-books are now available for download.

Now more than ever, technology is becoming a critical component of contract compliance professionals’ job. While the work to perform contract compliance reviews has traditionally focused on recovering funds, there is often contention around issues that led to financial leakage in the first place.

Whether it is complex written contracts or misunderstandings with suppliers, technology is one way to combat contract compliance issues and keep your company profitable in the long run.

Two of PRGX’s recent e-books focus on contract compliance audit and provide insight into how companies can leverage technology to create a faster, more transparent contract compliance program:

  • PRGX’s “Five Best Practices for Renegotiating Supplier Contracts” e-book helps procurement professionals better understand how overpayments originate, reasons supplier contracts may not deliver on their full value and why contract renegotiation is the ideal time to improve supplier relationships.
  • The “Technology’s Impact on Your Contract Compliance Program” e-book is written for finance leaders looking to find compliance issues faster, create transparency throughout the audit process and quickly address problem areas before they occur. The e-book also provides actionable steps for companies to get the most out of their compliance audits.

“Contracts should deliver on the value procurement teams negotiated at the outset, which includes agreed-upon supplier terms and conditions,” said Vijay Parekh, Senior Director of Delivery, Contract Compliance. “By using our five best practices to renegotiate supplier contracts, companies can better preserve the value their procurement teams have worked to secure.”

To download each e-book, please visit:


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